IT Sales Recruitment Agency

SalesNet is a highly active IT recruitment agency, specialising in sales roles across the sector. We help small and medium sized businesses find and recruit top notch IT sales people who will fit into their operations and help them grow their bottom line. After more than two decades working in this exciting sector, we know how to identify and place candidates with exceptional IT sales skills, personal attributes and experience in the field.

Why you need a specialist IT sales recruitment agency

Sales roles cover a wide gamut of job titles, job descriptions, skills and requirements. Working with a specialist agency like SalesNet enables employers to be put in direct contact not only with talented sales people, but those who have particular experience with IT and related sectors. They have the technical knowledge and training required to hit the ground running in a specialist IT sales role and start making a difference straight away. Our candidates can offer a proven track record, demonstrable passion for the IT sector and a keen appetite for building up their own IT sales career.

The type of roles we source candidates for

SalesNet can recruit for IT sales jobs across the sector. Here are some examples of the type of roles we recruit for in particular:

· IT Sales Director

· VP of IT Sales

· Head of IT Sales

· Software Sales Manager

· Software Sales Executive

· SaaS Software Sales Executive

· Field Sales Executive

· Business Development Representative

· Sales Development Representative

· Account Manager

· Marketing Manager

· Digital Marketing Manager

· Digital Marketing Executive

· Customer Success Manager

· Senior Account Manager

· International Account Manager

· Software Sales Representative

· Business Development Manager

· Sales Executive

What makes us different to other recruitment agencies?

SalesNet not only works exclusively in the sales recruitment sector, it specialises further by focusing on IT and a few other key areas. This enables the team to conduct more thorough research into what the IT sector is looking for in its sales people and how to match the right candidate to the right sales vacancy. Our services include CV advice and shortlisting, interview support and consultancy, remuneration guidance, personality testing, onboarding and more.

Want to find out more about our sales recruitment services for the IT sector?

Are you searching for your next IT sales star? Are you an IT sales candidate looking for their next challenge? Whatever you need, SalesNet can help you find what you need. Contact us today to see how we can help.