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Recruiting the right sales candidate: the consultancy question

Finding the right person for the right sales job vacancy doesn’t happen by accident. Not normally, anyway. The process can take several steps to complete, both for the company with the job vacancy and the candidates looking for their next role. That’s why working with a sales recruitment consultancy offers a straightforward solution to sourcing and securing top quality recruitment help.

For businesses, a sales agency that can select a shortlist of suitable candidates on their behalf can save a great deal of valuable time that would have been otherwise spent sifting through endless CVs to try and pick out the gems. For candidates, the consultancy can offer crucial advice to help them submit a top-notch application that will get them seen by their target potential employers.

Whatever the recruitment project, enlisting the support of a sales recruitment specialist realty can pay dividends when it comes to the final candidate selection process.

Finding the right candidatesrecruitment consultancy helping your business find the right sales candidate

Different categories of sales recruitment agencies specialise in finding different types of candidate to match with specific clients. Recruitment and selection focusses on matching candidates to permanent positions with a client company.

The idea is to place people for longer-term positions, and the agency’s work is done as soon as the job offer is accepted and the paperwork completed. Project sourcing agencies find candidates that they can place on a temporary basis to fulfil projects with client companies. This is a great option for sales professionals seeking to gain experience in a wider field before settling sown into a permanent post.

Then, there are consultancies that match candidates with interim positions, or temping opportunities. They help companies fill gaps in the workforce from such causes as replacing employees who have left with little notice, adding extra resources at busier times of the year and dealing with unexpected workloads that suddenly need one or more extra pair of hands to get the work done.

Benefits of recruitment consultancy

Many candidates and businesses mistakenly believe that recruitment agencies are only intended to match highly qualified people at the pinnacle of their career to senior positions with large businesses. However, the scope of recruitment consultancies goes much further than this. A good recruitment agency will work with companies and people across a broad spectrum of capabilities and levels of seniority.

A key advantage to using an agency is the industry knowledge and strong relationships the recruiting team will have built up, enabling them to “weed-out” unsuitable candidates and match promising talent to the right kinds of job roles.

No guesswork is needed, plus using an agency gives businesses the confidence that the shortlisted candidates that come to interview will have been properly vetted and assessed, whether they are a student starting out, or have been working in sales for many years. Additionally, recruitment consultancies normally work with different

types of vacancies and contracts, including permanent, full-time, part-time and temping.

For candidates, using a sales recruitment agency allows them access to opportunities that might not be advertised elsewhere. They will have access to a professional recruiter who will guide them through the process and help them present their CV and previous sales experience in the best possible light.

A good agency will help candidates understand the process and help them work towards securing a positive result for all. It is also in their best interests to secure contracts for their candidates, as often the agency will not get paid until the paperwork is signed and the job offer formalised. So, you know that they will be working as hard as possible to find the perfect fit and therefore earn their fees.

Disadvantages of recruitment agencies

Of course, working with sales recruitment agencies does come with a couple of disadvantages for candidates – they cannot cover every single job and industry out there, so candidates will have to do some extra leg work by themselves if they want to cover all the bases. Some opportunities expressly state ‘no agencies’ in their adverts, preferring candidates to make a direct approach.

There are also a lot of excellent candidates out there, so you may have to work that bit harder to get an agency to accept you onto their books. That’s before you even find out about a possible job opening, let alone go through the interviewing, assessing process all over again. If you have the right skills, confidence and personality, however, this shouldn’t present much of a problem.

Likewise, for businesses, placing a job vacancy with an agency means that you are relying on them to find top candidates and thus the selection will be smaller than if you advertise more widely. It is imperative that you work with a recruiter that you trust to find you excellent sales talent so you don’t have to go looking elsewhere to top up your pool of potential candidates and can feel confident that your chosen salesperson or people will be worth their incentive scheme and/or salary per annum.

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If you are a business looking for a sales executive, sales associate or entire sales team to help promote your products and services and boost your bottom line, then SalesNet is keen to hear from you.

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to help them find skilled, enthusiastic salespeople to fill available sales vacancies. We do this by sourcing, analysing and vetting talented candidates seeking their next new role, as well as offering advice on related matters, such as interviewing techniques, job descriptions and personality profiling.

Talented salespeople searching for their next challenge are also invited to make contact to find out what exciting opportunities there are currently on the SalesNet books. We can work with you to hone your CV, polish your interview technique and secure the best possible remuneration package for your next job. Call us or fill in the online form today to get the sales recruitment conversation started.