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SalesNet is a specialist sales recruitment agency in Northern Ireland dedicated to matching talented candidates with growing businesses seeking excellent sales support.

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SalesNet is a leading Sales Recruitment Consultancy serving the UK & Ireland markets.

Established two decades ago in Northern Ireland, we offer specialised recruitment services for sales and marketing professionals of all levels and from any size of business. Our Selection Consultants come from high-performing Sales backgrounds, thus ensuring that you’re getting Sales Professionals to help find other Sales Professionals. We’ve helped businesses in Coleraine, the rest of Ireland, Northern Ireland and even throughout the United Kingdom.

We are a Recruitment Consultancy, not an Agency, all our searches are uniquely designed around the specific needs of each individual Client but always using our proven methodology.

We recruit across all business sectors, successfully placing high-calibre Sales Candidates in Technology (including Software & Telecoms), Media, Financial Services, Business Services, Utilities, Pharmaceutical/Medical, FMCG, Foodservice, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Technical, Industrial and many more.

We place Sales Directors, Sales Managers, Marketing Directors, Business Development Managers, Digital Marketing Executives, Sales Executives etc, and can supply sales staff on a permanent or temporary/interim basis.

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What we do

SalesNet is a leading recruitment agency in Coleraine also covering surrounding areas in County Down and into Northern Ireland and Ireland. Established for more than 20 years, we have built up expertise in placing sales professionals in roles across all levels, from entry-level sales executives to more experienced sales reps and sales managers and directors.

Recruitment services

We offer a comprehensive range of specialised sales recruitment services. Our services encompass every aspect, from identifying, interviewing, and shortlisting prospective sales candidates to collaborating with in-house sales and recruitment teams to formulate long-term hiring strategies, goals, and business plans.

We assist a diverse array of companies, regardless of their size or type, in addressing staffing challenges, whether on a permanent, temporary, or interim basis. Beyond customer-facing sales representatives, we also supply qualified professionals for roles in marketing, advertising, business development, and digital marketing, each meticulously vetted to align with your specific job requirements and candidate profiles.

Our process initiates with a thorough consultation to gain a profound understanding of your business, its offerings, and the goals you intend for your new sales team members. We can assist in crafting compelling job descriptions and personalised profiles to attract top-tier talent. Additionally, we design your interview and selection procedures to unearth the strengths of shortlisted candidates while identifying any areas of improvement.

We conduct an exhaustive search within the relevant markets, spanning Coleraine, Northern Ireland, Ireland, and, when applicable, beyond, tailoring our efforts to your location and needs. Subsequently, we meticulously screen potential candidates to ensure they are well-suited for your team.

Our services extend to representing you in interviews or participating in them, offering an impartial perspective and professional support. Post-interview, we provide valuable feedback and oversee the post-offer processes, including reference checks, salary negotiations, benefits discussions, and management of employment contracts.

Sectors that we serve

All our candidate searches are tailored to the sector in which the businesses we work with are based. We work with a diverse range of industries, including

ITMedicalTelecomeBusiness services
TechnologyPharmaceuticalMediaFinancial services
TechnicalFMCGConstructionRetail and industrial
SoftwareFood Services

Northern Ireland & Ireland are full of exciting sales opportunities and we are proud to be able to match keen and talented salespeople to exciting jobs, based locally in and around Coleraine that have huge potential for career growth. Our consultants all come from high calibre sales backgrounds so we are well placed to help businesses develop a sales team that will get results.

Can we help you?

Do you run a business that is searching for a new or expanded sales team? If so, then we can definitely help you on your recruitment journey. We work with businesses of all sizes across Coleraine. We also work across the rest of Northern Ireland, Ireland and in GB. We can help start-ups and sole traders increase awareness and interest in their products and services from the start and we also work with larger companies and multinationals seeking to expand their customer base across Ireland, the UK, Europe and beyond.

Often, companies can struggle to pinpoint exactly what they need from a professional sales team and we are happy to help clarify the situation and offer valuable support. Our suite of recruitment services can help businesses of any size and operating in any sector or country to find the sales staff they need.

Why choose us?

SalesNet is not just a sales agency, we are a sales consultancy. This crucial difference means that we don’t just match candidates with available sales positions and job roles. We offer a deeper, more bespoke service to our clients. This can be invaluable for companies that don’t have an internal human resources or recruitment function, have a department that is overstretched, or who simply wants an external, unbiased viewpoint and outside expertise for a particular staffing consultation or sales team hiring phase.

Getting sales recruitment wrong can cost a lot of money and take time to put right. SalesNet can help companies secure the right sales people and resources for their individual needs. All of that, with a focus on Coleraine and surrounding areas makes SalesNet not only unique but a compelling recruitment partner for businesses needing to recruit salespeople in Northern Ireland.

Other Areas we serve

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Learn more about our recruitment services

SalesNet is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Northern Ireland. To find out more about how we can help your business attract top sales people who are driven, talented and tenacious, please contact us today. We can help you with some or all of the sales recruitment process and will work with you to develop a bespoke approach that will take your sales figures to the next level.

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