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In the high-pressure world of sales, the ability to close deals is key to success. But what is crucial to look out for when hiring the best candidates for sales roles and what separates a good salesperson from a natural closer? It all boils down to understanding the psychology of closing and identifying those candidates who possess the innate skills and characteristics which allow them to excel in this crucial aspect of the role.

The Closing Mindset: A Dance of Persuasion

Closing a deal is more than just asking someone to buy. It’s a culmination of the entire sales process, a delicate dance of persuasion where the salesperson addresses concerns, clarifies value, and motivates the customer to take action. Here’s what to look out for when striving to build a powerful workforce with strong closing potential:

Quick learners who showcase curiosity

The top closers can learn quickly, listen and relate to the prospects, and get you results regardless of the industry. Championing curiosity, natural closers are inquisitive with a desire to learn about people, the industry, and the product they are selling in order to continuously improve their technique and refine their skills.

Understanding Needs & Emotions

Natural closers possess a keen ability to read people. They can quickly identify customer needs, desires, and potential objections. This allows them to tailor their closing approach, addressing emotional triggers and building a sense of urgency or excitement.

Building Trust & Rapport

Rather than applying force, natural closers focus on creating meaningful interactions and excel at building genuine trust and rapport with the customer. They actively listen, demonstrate empathy, and create a comfortable environment where the customer feels confident in their decision and not forced into a sale. Thus, likeability is important to look out for when building a high performing sales team. Likeable demeanour, genuine approach and sincerity should all be considered during the interview process to demonstrate if the individual will succeed in building meaningful relationships with prospects.

Industry knowledge and Confidence & Belief in the Product

Top closers have unshakeable confidence in both their own abilities and the value proposition of the product they’re selling. This type of confidence and professionalism translates into a belief system that inspires trust and motivates the customer to invest. Industry-specific knowledge means a shorter learning curve for the closer. However, whilst industry knowledge is a pleasant bonus, don’t be afraid to hire candidates with potential. Raw talent is essential, however providing ongoing coaching and training in closing techniques can further empower your sales force.

Resilience & Handling Objections

The closing process isn’t always smooth sailing. Natural closers anticipate objections and have a toolbox of techniques to address them effectively. They remain calm under pressure, reframe concerns into opportunities, and offer solutions that leave the customer feeling heard and addressed.

Focus on Solutions & Outcomes

Natural closers are outcome-oriented. They shift the focus from features and benefits to the positive outcomes the customer can achieve with the product. Authority must be established at the beginning of a sales interaction, highlighting expertise as humans are more likely to accept solutions from an established expert. Natural closers display authority, paint a clear picture of success, motivating the customer to see the product as an investment in themselves or their business.

Beyond the Interview:

While interviews are crucial, there’s more to consider. It is important to look at the candidates track record and sales experience. Consider past sales figures, quota attainment, and any awards or recognition received. It may even be appropriate to incorporate sales aptitude assessments into your recruitment process. These can help identify candidates with the natural drive, resilience, and persuasive communication skills associated with strong closers. We also propose to consider thorough reference checks, recruitment specialists should speak with past employers and colleagues to get a holistic view of the candidate’s closing style and effectiveness during previous roles.

Investing time and resources into identifying natural closers can yield significant ROI for your company. They generate revenue, build strong customer relationships, and set the bar high for the rest of your sales team. By understanding the psychology of closing deals and honing your interview techniques, you can find the salespeople who consistently bring home the win.