Now that we are into November and seeing the weather get decidedly colder and wetter outside, we could be forgiven for thinking that looking for a new sales job might not be the best idea. Employers are thinking about end of year targets and how to handle the Christmas period in the office and so might not have time to think about taking on new staff. Employees could think that sitting tight in the job they already have is the best way to ride out the current cost-of-living crisis, rather than taking any risks in pursuit of a higher income or new challenge.

However, this need not be the case. Life still goes on, whatever the thermometer says, and in an economically unstable time, a new injection of passionate, talented sales professionals could be just what businesses need. Plus, entering a new year with an exciting new challenge under your belt could help you find new energy and aspirations for a successful 2023.

Here are some more reasons why going after your next sales job in November or December might be the best thing to do for your career.

  • Stay ahead of the crowd

Many people think about looking for a new sales job (or any new job) in January. However, by starting your search now, you can get a jump on those writing ‘job hunt’ on their list of New Year’s Resolutions. Take the time now to update your CV, get references in place and start to look out for suitable vacancies and opportunities. It could be that companies are looking for temporary seasonal staff who could be transformed into permanent team members, come January. You could be just what a business needs to help boost sales figures before the end of the year. By getting your CV out there now, you can get noticed and shortlisted before the post-Christmas job seekers begin to enter the market in January.

  • Use the run-up to Christmas to your advantage

It can be difficult to take time off your current job to attend an interview without arousing suspicion or causing an issue. Doing so in the run-up to Christmas, when many offices tend to be focused on other things is much easier. Some offices see quieter working periods as more employees take annual leave, or are diverted towards other seasonal projects. Plus, there tends to be more corporate social events at this time of year, so your absence will go far more unnoticed at your current place of employment if you need to sneak off for a video chat or in-person interview. Some companies need to use up unallocated sales budgets in December, so could be more open to you negotiating a better remuneration package then.

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  • A less stressful starting date

If things move quickly and you can secure a late November or a December starting date, this gives you the advantage of having the last few weeks of 2022 to find your feet. You can use the time to get to know your new role before the new year begins, with fresh sales targets and areas of focus. Your new colleagues may also be under less pressure themselves if they have met their own sales targets, or are on a Christmas wind-down. So, they may well be more willing and/or available to help you settle in.

  • New Year, new you!

Knowing that you have secured a new sales job in November, December or early January will help ease the pressure around the current cost of living crisis, as well as having money for Christmas extras. Whether you are looking to make a career move to earn more money, or to move from a less enjoyable role elsewhere, getting the recruitment process underway now, rather than waiting until Spring will offer reassurance and more time to navigate the recruitment process. As for employers looking for new sales staff at this time of year, reaching Christmas with a new recruit already in place, or confirmed to start in early 2023, can also take away a lot of pressure and tick a key task off the ‘to-do’ list.