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SalesNet is a leading Sales Recruitment Consultancy serving the UK & Ireland markets.

Established 20 years and based in Northern Ireland, we specialise in recruiting high quality sales and marketing professionals at all levels and for all sizes of businesses. Our Sales Recruitment Consultants come from high-performing Sales backgrounds – we are Sales Professionals Recruiting Sales Professionals.

We are a Recruitment Consultancy, not an Agency, all our searches are uniquely designed around the specific needs of each individual Client but always using our proven methodology.

We recruit across all business sectors, successfully placing high-calibre Sales Candidates in Technology (including Software & Telecoms), Media, Financial Services, Business Services, Utilities, Pharmaceutical/Medical, FMCG, Foodservice, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Technical, Industrial and many more.

We place Sales Directors, Sales Managers, Marketing Directors, Business Development Managers, Digital Marketing Executives, Sales Executives etc, and can supply sales staff on a permanent or temporary/interim basis.

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Renewable Energy Sales Recruitment

Salesnet is a leading recruitment agency that specialises in connecting top sales talent with companies in the renewable energy sector. With a deep understanding of the industry and the unique skills required to succeed in this field, Salesnet is committed to helping renewable energy companies build winning sales teams. Whether you’re looking for experienced sales professionals or high-potential candidates who are passionate about sustainability and clean energy, Salesnet can provide the expert guidance and support you need. With a vast network of talented candidates and a proven track record of success, Salesnet is the go-to recruitment partner for companies in the renewable energy sector looking to take their sales operations to the next level.

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business people standing around a table and working on renewable energy sales pitch

Why you need a specialist Sales Recruitment Agency

The renewable energy sector is rapidly growing and evolving, and the sales teams that drive revenue for these companies play a crucial role in their success. However, finding the right sales talent for the renewable energy sector can be a challenge. That’s where a specialist recruitment agency like Salesnet comes in.
Salesnet has a deep understanding of the renewable energy industry and the unique skills and experience required to succeed in sales roles within this field. They have access to a pool of top sales talent with the necessary expertise and passion for sustainability and clean energy.
In addition, a specialist recruitment agency like Salesnet can save companies time and resources by handling the recruitment process from start to finish. This includes sourcing, screening, and presenting candidates who meet the specific needs and requirements of the company. Salesnet can also provide guidance and support throughout the hiring process to ensure a smooth and successful outcome.
In short, partnering with a specialist renewable energy sales recruitment agency like Salesnet can help companies find the right sales talent to drive their success in this rapidly growing and important industry.

The types of roles we source candidates for:

We source exclusively for sales positions – such as the example roles below:

Full Time Role

Part Time Role

Senior Role

Junior Role

What makes us different to other recruitment agencies?

Salesnet stands out from other recruitment agencies because of our exclusive focus on the renewable energy sector and our deep expertise in sales recruitment within this field. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the renewable energy industry, and we have a vast network of top sales talent who are passionate about sustainability and clean energy.
At Salesnet, we take a personalised approach to recruitment, working closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and requirements. We take the time to get to know the company culture, goals, and values, and we use this information to identify and attract the best possible candidates.
We also place a strong emphasis on candidate experience, treating each candidate with respect and professionalism throughout the recruitment process. Our team of experienced recruiters use the latest technology and tools to ensure a seamless and efficient recruitment process.
Overall, Salesnet is committed to providing exceptional service and expertise to our clients in the renewable energy sector. We are passionate about sustainability and clean energy, and we are dedicated to helping our clients build winning sales teams that can drive growth and success in this important industry.

We can provide added value services often within our existing fee structure such as

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