Looking for a sales vacancy is not confined to a certain time of year – there will be organisations looking to expand their sales team all year round. However, summer can be a time when there are more opportunities about, both in temporary sales positions and permanent sales recruitment. So, it is well worth making sure now that your CV is ready and your sales skills up to date to take advantage of any seasonal job-hunting benefits.

Here are six reasons why sales job candidates may find summer the perfect recruitment season.

‘Temp To Perm Sales jobs’

Summer brings with it many seasonal opportunities, especially in tourist areas and industries related to travel, leisure, holidays and the great outdoors. Higher visitor numbers, or sales leads online can result in companies working in relevant sectors needing to take on extra seasonal salespeople. While this can obviously be a great opportunity for a temporary position to gain experience and ease cash flow, it can also help get you in front of influential decision-makers who will then be able to consider you for other, permanent jobs further down the line. If you impress enough, you could even find your temporary position being made permanent at the end of the summer.

Easier Logistics

Looking for the ideal sales role can often involve a lot of organisation, travel, accommodation and logistics. Interviews or trial periods may take place quite a long way from your home. Travelling in nicer weather can make the whole process so much simpler and more bearable. The roads are safer in dry weather and it is easier to work out what to wear and take with you. Daylight hours are longer too and there are often summer travel discounts to be had when travelling on public transport.

And The Livin’ Is Easy…

While candidates and organisations will doubtless be busy all year round, somehow, the summer months seem to allow for a little extra space for things like advertising, shortlisting, interviews etc. Many companies will have year-end pressures in the winter, or around April and the tax year changeover. July and August are often a little less hectic. While you may have to work around interviewers’ holidays, there is usually enough time in the summer to schedule in interviews and send out offers as part of a permanent sales recruitment drive. This ensures that the timings are suitable for new staff to take up their roles in the early autumn.

permanent sales recruitment job interview

Academic Timetables

Related to the point above, school or college leavers and university graduates looking for their first permanent sales role may also find that summer is a great time for this type of task. Exams will be done and coursework hopefully handed in. There will now be time to think ahead about entering the work of work and securing that first sales job. Many organisations will be aware of this and have permanent sales recruitment programmes set up to take full advantage. Always check the deadlines and get your application in sooner, rather than later, so that you don’t miss the boat.

Outdoor Jobs

Summer brings with it a raft of sales jobs that are based wholly or largely outdoors. These could include selling tickets to outside tourist attractions such as pleasure boats, open-top buses, outdoor entertainment etc. Also, door-to-door selling, which brings with it a much more pleasant experience in fine weather than in lashing rain and colder temperatures, is a sales job option to consider in the summer. Sales techniques can also be used in other outdoor roles, such as tourist guides, attraction hosts and holiday reps, which all require similar people skills, such as customer service, negotiation and persuasive communication.

Saving For A Rainy Day

Finally, securing a sales job in the summer means that you can start to put money aside now for later on when you might need extra funds. This could be to help you afford nice extras, such as paying for the type of Christmas that you want to enjoy with your family. Or it could be to cover essentials, such as the higher heating bills that inevitably accompany the return of colder weather. You could start putting regular money aside now from a sales role gained over the summer and end up with quite a decent savings pot by the time winter rolls around.